By connecting to the real world of students’ lives, authentic learning enables students to become lifelong learners who contribute to society and the wider world as active and discerning citizens. Authentic learning is central to our work as Catholic educators because it promotes the continual growth and wellbeing of the whole person — spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically.

Learning ApproachAt St Aloysius Catholic Primary School Cronulla, we offer our students an engaging and challenging academic program through the following.

Skills for Tomorrow

Our teachers are dedicated, highly skilled and pastorally caring in teaching differentiated and relevant content and concepts to develop the necessary skills needed for the 21st century. These skills ensure students think creatively, work cooperatively, and communicate and collaborate effectively while developing critical thinking for an ever-changing and challenging world.

Respectful Relationships

We strive to reflect in our curriculum and practices, the quality of our relationships with the students through our Mercy values. St Aloysius aims to deliver excellent social and emotional learning opportunities to assist each student in developing positive and respectful connections with their peers.

Differentiated Learning

At every stage, children at St Aloysius receive access to learning programs that specifically cater for their individual learning needs, particularly in Literacy and Numeracy. Specialist teachers provide additional support for students with diverse needs, supporting them in achieving their educational potential.